Keyword Research & Content Strategy

Strategic Keyword Research

My approach to strategic SEO keyword research involves identifying relevant keywords based on audience intent and competitor analysis. Prioritising high and low-competition keywords and utilising them effectively to ensure high rankings as well as a pleasant user experience. Regular monitoring and updates based on performance metrics help adapt to changing search trends and user behaviours, leading to higher search engine rankings, increased organic traffic, and improved conversion rates, establishing a strong online presence.

Content Strategy

Keywords in a content strategy are more than keyword density, here is my approach:


Content topics and themes need to be grouped into silos.

This allows for a balanced, robust, semantic content strategy as well as correct categorisation of blog content.


Be ready with your content at the right time when your customers actively searching. My timing plans for content inform you when its best to release certain topics, based on the time of year searches are made.


Performance is key to any SEO strategy. Whether content is destined for landing pages or blogs, my approach is to ensure that content has clear goals that can be tracked.