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How To Make a Lego Fidget Spinner | DIY

diy lego fidget spinner

Fidget Spinners are undoubtably the latest craze. While they are fun, I wouldn’t spend money on one (about R50 – R150 in South Africa). So I decided to make my own out of Lego pieces as we have tones of that laying about the house. The one I made is lighter than the original Spinners, but it spins, it is fun and it is free, what more do you need. Below is a list of Lego parts you’ll need as well as a video of how it’s assembled.


Units Piece
1 4X4 round plate with pin hole
1 3cm cross axle
2 0.5cm technic bush
2 2X2 truncated cone
2 1X1 round tile stud
4 2X2 coupling plate
4 2X1 plate
4 1X1 round plate stud
2 4X4 round plate with 16mm hole



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