TEARS Animal Rescue

TEARS is a pro-life, non-profit organisation whose core aims are to rescue, rehabilitate, re-unite and re-home lost, abandoned, abused, and neglected animals and to educate our communities, in particular the children. They do not receive Government funding, but rely on public donations.

TEARS can use your assistance, please either donate your time, your old things or your money.

Who wouldn’t want to spend time playing with dogs and cats all in the name of charity? They are looking for dog walkers, Kitty lovers to socialise the cats, and help with Reception/ admin.

They also have a thrift store and book shop in Bergvliet so they need your old stuff too. From what I’ve seen they take Books, clothing, trinkets and appliances (large and small).

Should you wish to volunteer at TEARS please e-mail tinka@tears.org.za or phone the office on 0217854482. Check out their website for more information http://tears.org.za/

20 Goals Set Out

Inspired by The Cupcake Mummy’s 24 before 25 list, I’ve finally put some goals down in writing. My list has 20 items and unfortunately no, I’m not turning 21 this year, but 30. I’m giving myself till July 2013 to complete these goals as it’s a significant date for me personally. Some of these seem a little frivolous and some a little impossible, but everything on this Read more