Best South African Vegan Snacks

best south african vegan snacks

Lately, I’ve turned into somewhat of a hungry monster, perhaps it’s because Winter is finally settling into Cape Town. The only way to get through this is to eat all the food and hibernate until winter has past.

Compiled below is a list of my favourite store-bought snacks that also just happen to be vegan. Trust me, they’re all amazing and only one weird suggestion (the banana chips).

I’ve listed the snacks below along with the store I bought them at. But if you watch the video, you get to see why I love them as well as a drool-worthy food montage at the end.


Big Corn Bites – Tomato from Checkers

Banana Chips from Checkers

Tate’s Popcorn from Checkers

Tate’s BBQ (bacon) Chips from Woolworths or Checkers

Humus & Big Corn Bites, Nacho Style Chips from Checkers

Majool Dates (fresh fruits section) & Dried Dates both from Checkers

Soft Liquorice (strawberry and regular) from Woolworths

….. Can you tell what stores I frequent the most?



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