Santa is back in the goodbooks #blogsecretsanta

Its no lie, as a kid I thought Santa was a total weirdo. This guy you don’t know comes into your house while you’re sleeping and you go to the mall to go sit on his lap. All this while your parents warn you on the dangers of creepy men you don’t know. I just didn’t get it.

Things changed after my gran died. My family stopped doing the traditional things and I realised, despite creepy Santa, we desperately needed cling to traditions. Its what gives a family spirit. Now that I have my daughter, I can start our own family traditions. Some are based on past traditions and some are new but most of all, we’re going to be consistent. So Santa is in my good books for now.

Well, a favourite of mine is Secret Santa, and this year I get to participate in #blogsecretsanta which is being run this year by The Stilleto Mum.

So… to my Secret Santa, here are a few things I like:

  • Chalk Board anything.
  • Anything from Yuppie Chef (I’m more backing than cooking inclined).
  • Tattoos by Ryan Bell
  • You know that little pink piggy you see being sold on the side of the road made of pink plastic packets? That.
  • Christmas crackers – bonkers for them (and buttons), would pop them all year long if I could.
  • I’m a Google Geek and an SEO by trade – not sure what this means for my Secret Santa, but there it is.
  • Chartiy, do something crazy for charity
  • Trinkets of any kind. What I would love best, is a box of trinkets that you have put together. Something that shows me a bit about you, and bit about me.

To learn a bit more about me, check out my Pinterest Boards.

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