How to make a gift box from a 2l coke bottle

Some of you may know these gift boxes as a klikety klik box, made popular by All Woman Recycling. Get in touch with them via the website if you’d rather buy one.

These are simple to make and rather relaxing, but you will need practice to make them flawless.

What you’ll need:

  • 2l bottle, the type Coca-Cola use
  • white board marker
  • craft knife
  • scissors
  • mod podge
  • paint brush (about thick as your thumb)
  • paper napkin in a design you like
  • a button, bead or anything small to mark your top lid

Let’s get started:
1. Rinse and dry out a 2l bottle.

2. Using your craft knife, cut the bottle just on the ridge above the vertical grooves.

3. With your whiteboard marker, draw a curve that spans two vertical lines (see pic).

4. Place your thumb in the concave curve above the bulb and make a mark on the side away from bulb, next to your thumb.

5. Cut with the scissors along the curve and then down the groove (will be every second one), but don’t cut past the thumb mark. Its important for the cut depths to be even, but if you cut too far down, the flaps wont close.

6. Wipe away all white board marker marks that can still be seen.

7. Take your paper napkin, and peel off the bottom layer if there is one, you will only use the top layer.

8. Wrap the napkin around the bottle so that it reaches the top and bottom. Don’t worry if it doesn’t seem like the napkin will fit all the way around, it stretches as the mod podge is added.

9. With your paint brush, place a little mod podge between the bottle and the start of the napkin to keep it in place. Now brush on mod podge over the napkin, around the bottle to completely covered. Make sure you go right up to the edges of the curves and down under the bottle. If there is too much napkin at the bottom, just snip off the excess. Don’t worry if there and any tears, just patch them up at the end.

10. Place open side down and go have some tea and cake with the mod podge dries.

11. Once its all dry, cut off the excess paper and glue you ‘handle’ (e.g. button, bead) to the top lid. The top lid is whichever you choose.

To try out some more bottle reuse ideas, check out these pins.








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