12 Easy Ways to Save Water

Here in Cape Town, we’re going through a draught so we’ve had to get creative with saving water every day. At the time of this post, our dam levels are at 10,7%

In the Bathroom

  1. Shower instead of bath but not for longer than 5 minutes. Use a timer or a song so you know how long you’re taking.
  2. Put a bucket in the shower and use this to fill your toilet’s cistern or to water your garden.
  3. Fill your toilet’s cistern with grey water. We’ve turned off the tap to the toilet and fill the cistern with water from the shower.
  4. Don’t run the water while you brush your teeth and use a cup of water to rinse your mouth.
  5. Put water in the basin when washing your hands instead of letting it run. This is particularly helpful for small children.
  6. Put a brick in your toilet’s cistern. This reduces its capacity while still flushing away what it needs to flush.
  7. Don’t throw trash in the toilet. Throwing tissues and such in the toilet either results in flushing when it’s not necessary or putting heavier load on the next time you flush.

BONUS: Shower at the gym! If you have a gym contract make sure to use it, even if it’s just for the showers. It won’t save water in general, but it will save on your own water bill.

In the Kitchen

  1. Keep a jug at your sink and use it to collect water from the tap while you’re waiting it to heat up for the dishes. You can use this to fill up your kettle or water your indoor plants that can’t handle grey water.
  2. Place a shallow rectangular bucket in your sink. Once you’re finished washing your dishes, scoop out any chunky bits and through those in the bin, and the water in your garden. This is considered “dark grey water” so rather use this for trees or shrubs with deep roots. If the water is very greasy then rather let it go down the sink, greasy water will kill your grass… if you have any left at this point.

In the Garden

  1. Lead water from gutters and outlets from your bath or shower to the garden. We find this works well for grassy areas. Not all houses are able to do this, but its worth checking out. Your local hardware should be able to assist you with what you need to get this done.
  2. Lead water from your washing machine to your garden. Like with the dishwater, this is “dark grey water” so only use it in areas you have trees or shrubs with deep roots.


  1. GO VEGAN! This won’t help in the short-term or with your water bill. But in the longterm… ya got ta go vegan. It takes 2,400 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of meat. That’s around 9,085l for 0,4kg meat.

Safety Notice!

Never leave buckets of water where small children or animals can get into them. They can drown quickly in even a small amount of water, and none of us want that.

Use this advice at your own discretion. If your water is too soapy or otherwise not suitable to use in your house or garden, then don’t.


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