Banana Nice-cream Recipe

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Looking for a comfort food? Feeling under the weather? This banana ice-cream (or NICE-cream) is what you're looking for. So easy to make and much healthier than regular ice-cream. Follow the easy recipe below or watch this video to see how its ...


Best South African Vegan Snacks

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Lately, I've turned into somewhat of a hungry monster, perhaps it's because Winter is finally settling into Cape Town. The only way to get through this is to eat all the food and hibernate until winter has past. Compiled below is a list of my favourite store-bought snacks that also just happen to be vegan. Trust ...


How To Make a Lego Fidget Spinner | DIY

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Fidget Spinners are undoubtably the latest craze. While they are fun, I wouldn't spend money on one (about R50 - R150 in South Africa). So I decided to make my own out of Lego pieces as we have tones of that laying about the house. The one I made is lighter than the original Spinners, but it spins, it is fun and it ...


Dad’s Top 5 Picks For Father’s Day | Online Shopping South Africa

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Fathers day is around the corner and I've asked the Husband to choose a few of his favourite things online (in South African) as potential gifts. In no particular order.... 1. Coffee Plunger from Woolworths R199 A client recently gifted him an amazing bag of coffee from Burundi and is keen to try it out. I've ...